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PosiTector 6000 Microprobes

Réf. 5624

Probe F45S, 45° Microprobe, 0-45 mil

The Positector 6000 0/45/90° Cabled Microprobes have the smallest measuring tip and best thin-film accuracy of other probes. A 90° Extended Length Microprobe is also available.

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$780.00 sauf taxes et frais de port


  • Models include the F0S, N0S, F45S, N45S, F90S, N90S, and F90ES
  • Ideal for measuring on small parts, hard-to-reach areas, or close to edges
  • Good for thin films
  • The F0S and N0S have a quick release adapter that makes them constant pressure probes for alignment on small, flat or curved parts. The adapter is held in place by a spring. If the sleeve is not required, simply pull it off the probe.
  • The F90S and N90S feature a right angle probe for measuring within areas of low headroom
  • The F90ES has a right angle extended length (350 mm / 13.75") probe for measuring within areas of low headroom
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