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spectro-guide ColorControl

Color Control of solid colors

Total Appearance Control

Color and Gloss in one

The spectro-guide simultaneously measures color and gloss. Thus, the cause of a visual mismatch can be clearly defined.


  • Color and 60° gloss are displayed at the same time
  • In compliance with international specifications
  • Tolerances for color and gloss allow quick pass/fail decisions

Reliable data at any time

BYK LED Technology

spectro-guide guarantees superior accuracy for many years and low maintenance efforts.


  • Stable, long-term calibration – needed only every three months
  • Temperature stable color and gloss data between 10 - 40°C
  • Long lasting standard AA batteries – up to 8,000 readings per set
  • 10 year warranty on the light source – no lamp changes needed

BYK-Gardner’s spectro-guide orbits the earth in the International Space Station (ISS).


It is an integral part of the ISS water quality system to ensure safe and useable drinking water for the astronauts.

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Quality Control made easy

Easy to use and handle

The spectro-guide spectrophotometer makes quality control simple and secure – even for color beginners.

  • Light weight and small size – weighs only 500 g
  • Ergonomic design – can easily measure difficult to access areas
  • Designated buttons for standard and sample readings

Thanks to the intuitive pulldown menu and the four-cursor button operation, quality control has never been easier.

Simple Documentation in Excel

Software easy-link for data transfer to PC

No matter whether you want to compare a batch to a defined standard or monitor process changes over time, the software easy-link offers direct data transfer from the spectrophotometer into predefined QC templates:


  • CIELab graph to chart differences in color, ligthness and gloss together with production tolerances
  • Simple line graph to monitor process changes over time
  • Color difference graph for three illuminants to control metamerism
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